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Mike Haggerty has been serving South Florida homeowners and businesses with the finest pest control service since 1985. In an era when many service companies have forgotten what the word service means, Haggerty Pest Service is first, and foremost, always striving to satisfy its customers. A family owned and operated business, with an on-time guarantee, the best products available and a “can do” attitude, you can depend on Haggerty Pest Service. Learn more about our Pest Control Services. Home owners who travel or leave their South Florida homes for the summer appreciate the house watching services offered by Haggerty Services of Boca.

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BugInfo.com – Info on all bugs and pests

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BEDBUGS…EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT THEM; ARE THEY HEADING FOR SOUTH FLORIDA? Bed bugs are transmitted from one place to another because they “hitchhike” on belongings, such as clothes, suitcases, second-hand beds, furniture, and bedding. If you’ve brought home bedbugs, call Haggerty Pest Control.

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